It cannot be said that Kellingley went out on a whimper... It went with a bang in the form of a March through Knottingley, which I was proud to be a part of. With the Kellingly Banner held high people marched proudly and defiantly through the streets finishing at the welfare. This wasn't just about Kellingley, it was about the run down of an industry and the end of deep mining in the UK. 1000's came and there were many from all over the country.. Wales, Scotland and even a guy from Belgium, all drawn there to say good bye and be a part of the end. The politics and opinions based on bitter experience were expressed as might be expected but it was a good natured affair in general, almost a celebration that saidwe are down but not out!! After the march was over therewas plenty of talk over a drink or too, as the light faded I went back to the hole in the fence at Big K and took some night photos of the Towers and pondered how we had got to this point, something no doubt that many others were doing as night decended on the day and the industry.