Having come from a family with a background of Coal Mining and Railways, I never thought that I would witness the end of deep coal mining in the UK with the closure of Kellingley Colliery. 


I was fortunate that having written to the mine manager he was agreeable to a photographic survey of the colliery being made post closure but pre-demolition. My belief being that an easily accessible, dedicated set of photographs be made available on line for all to see the last pit from inside the fence.


All images were taken with permission on the 7th January 2016, the site is dedicated to the last Deep Coal Miners of Kellingley and all the generations of miners past and present.


I have also included a few pictures from the day of closure on the 18th of December 2016 and the march in Knottingley the following day.


If you have any images you would like to contribute please contact me via the site or Facebook and l will add them with a photo credit to the Your Photos section thus completing this unique record, they can be surface, underground, individuals etc.